Worker Falls through Skylight Results in Settlement During Trial of $3,000,000

We claimed that the owner of the general contractor at the work site was negligent for failing to proper ladders and safety lines.

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Box Falls from Shelf Results in Mediation Settlement of $3,000,000

Our client was struck on the head and neck by a storage box that fell off a shelf in the supply room he was working in. We claimed that the box had been improperly placed by the building owners employees who had been doing renovation work in the supply room.

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Sanitation Truck Accident Results in Jury Verdict of $1,026,920

Plaintiff, 45 years old, claimed that she was looking inside a garbage bin next to her apartment when the forklift of the defendant city’s garbage truck pinned her to the bin and then flung her over the side of the truck to the street.

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Ladder Accident Resulted in Jury Verdict Rewarding Plaintiff $679,366

Plaintiff, 36 years old, fell from a ladder at a construction site. Plaintiff was granted summary judgment on liability under the New York Labor Law and a jury trial was held concerning damages.

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